Pucho Cast icon (1)
“The Bitten”

Pucho Chileno

The newest addition to the now rare cases of bitten-born Lycans. From a White Gypsy colony, he and his mysterious curse were victims of the Elite Lycan bite, basically erasing all but his muscle memory.
With a blank slate of a new life, his natural behavior sticks out, fun and cute to a fault. He tries his best to be of use, despite his lack of brains to back it up, making him prone to act first and think later.
Talented in both music and food, his heart is his biggest feature.

Pituka Cast icon (1)
“The Entomologist”

Pituka BrownPaws

From an unclear origin, Pituka is pretty much the motherly type, so much so, she has a love for the most disgusting and hideous of creatures. With a sweet, kind demeanor, she is yet prone to raise a firm paw and lay down proper behavior from others.
Intelligent to boot, she suffers from too much of it, getting lost in her own thoughts to the point of inaction and social awkwardness. If you could describe sweetness incarnate, you have found it.

Hos Cast icon (2)
“The Charming Blueberry”

Hos RedTail

Orphaned one day at the feet of a cold tep, Hos has been given nothing of a heritage, not even a last name to call his own. With an unusual blue complexion, he has done his very best to fit in with whoever he meets, with a free spirit and too forward love for both males and females.
Charismatic and a passion for beauty, this blue casanova gets by with words and compliments.

Nelly Cast icon (1)
“The Iron Daughter”

Nelly ShortFang

Losing her parents at a very young age, Nelly is the only daughter of the “Iron lineage”. With a natural bad temper and proficiency to let her fists do the talking, she is slow at making friends who would tolerate her close to abusive behavior.

Despite her hard and small exterior, she is a fiercely loyal, determined fiend with the strength to match.
Determination and mechanical proficiency are her trade. If things don’t go her way, she will bend them by force.

Luna Cast icon (1)
“The Deevil”


Born as one of the most vile of monsters, her whole clan was exterminated except for her, who in the eyes of a young boy, did not deserve the same fate, for she was but a baby.
Raised by those who would see her ended, she has learned to keep her nature at bay the best she can. Committing to the role of being the best sibling he savior could ever have.
Although still a mischievous fiend, her heart is in the right place and her faith the rock in her complicated life.

Astrid Cast icon (1)
“The Outcast”


Raised from birth to believe there is no greater honor than to serve the royal line of Paws Den.
She belongs to the group referred to as “The Dream Soldiers”. Her reputation was shattered by the brutally strict ways of her people.
True to her kind, she lives to be of service and strives for nothing less than perfection in her duty. Although overwhelmingly efficient, this has left little room for anything else, basic things like emotions, stress, hugs.