Comic 102 – Start working


Baker Notes

Hellows lads and gals!
I don’t suppose you notice a slight increase in the quality of todays strip but it so happens
that the morons that provide me with internet
are trolling the whole system again without
warning anyone again… So I had extra time to
work on this strip so it has shadows too XD
And in other news I’m gonna update the cast page
anytime this week but I’ve met wit a little
problem. You see the gang has evolved since
they started the series and I no longer know
how their behaviors are anymore, for they work
on their own in my mind, so I cant describe
these new personalities since I see them with
parenting eyes :3 So if anyone can make
descriptions starting with Pucho, Pituka, Pervy,
Nelly and Luna I would be greatly grateful 🙂


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