Comic 124 – A little Luna and Nelly


Baker Notes

Hellows Gals and Lads!
Yay! the schedule is moving as BEFORE!
I´m SO happe! and the new title is at
almost a blink of becoming TRUE!
I have better ideas at least now…
-Foxy Times
-Foxy Story
-A Foxy Story
-Foxy charm
-Foxy moment
-Foxy Demure
-Foxy Cookie
-Foxy world (not the best)

But if you have more PLEASE submit it
on the comment section below.

In other news, this strip was made
to show a little chemistry on slightly
similar chars (full of themselves)
and let sparks fly

Ps: Luna is fine, I have been under
a couch and lived to tell the tale.


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