Comic 138 – Kiss me my dear


Baker Notes

Hellows my cookies!
okay, time to explain the situation…
this time IT WAS NOT MY FAULT! I had
the strip up and ready just on schedule.
BUT my internet company “trolled” on me
and suspended my conection for the day
because I forgot to pay it, SO I decided
to go pay it as soon as possible… only
to realize that day was LABOR day… and
nobody was working that day, so I couldnt pay

SO now here at my University and uploaded this!
I hope you enjoy it! … besides, I know you guys
were hungry for some Pervy X Nelly goodnes XD

SO in other news, things should go back to
normal, for I have settled things with Mi
Linda a bit better now and my crazy animation
has been finished and given for examination.


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