Comic 177 – Pituka’s bed time story


Baker Notes

Hellows my cookies!
Right now I’m on a short holiday
until Thursday night, but rest assured
this strip was done before hand to avoid
fillers, so don’t worry you silly little heads.
As for this strip, I did a better job at
doing the crayon art thing, It looks better
than the last… a bit, but there is room
for improvement. And if you might notice,
there is a tiny little bunny that looks a bit
I’m sorry Abayx if the story is a bit,
changed for it did lack a few basic story telling elements, but at any rate, THANKS for
taking your time to write a story, It
shows fandom dedication, and that is just
Also, Builder Jim, thanks for the advise!
but I already tried doing a competition
and not much luck I’m afraid… I need
more publicity and audience for something
like THAT, but thanks anyway!

And with that said
Yours truly

El Zorrito


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