Comic 194 – Is this why we love you?


Baker Notes

Hellows my cookies!

First of ALL, I want to… ADORE and say
I LOVE all the amazing cookies who paid
to have their avatars made, BUT I also
wanna mention that a few of you ACTUALLY
donated a very SURPRISING amount of money
to the comic, without asking for an avatar,
Why? because they wanna help the comic.
You know, once in a while I wonder why I
keep on drawing this comic since it comes
very costly to my life, since it takes a lot
of time, in a moment of my life I need it
most, but then, surprises like this appear
and I couldn’t be happier, I feel supreme
JOY! I feel so proud.

I thank you my cookies, the comic doesn’t
continue because of me, it continues
because of YOU, since it’s not my comic,

My MOST sincere thanks from me and the
FFC cast!

El Zorrito


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