Comic 197 – Can you cut… Rocks?


Baker Notes

Hellows and sorry for the delay!

Actually, since I had a horrible day
today on 3D class, I was gonna update
later tomorrow, BUT, since RSpinter
was so hopeful and patient, I took
it upon myself to finish today NO MATTER
the cost! (lower details) So here you
go, more input on Pucho’s mysterious

Now, as for the ages questions I
came to a horrible realization,
I really don’t know, but since votes
came in in so many number, I guess
I gotta do something:

Pucho: 22
Pituka: 20
Nelly: 26
Luna: 15 (Succubus mature faster)

I guess that could do, any
reasons it should be different,
reply in the comment section

So, answer me this, Who of you
wait until midnight for the updates?

PS: (Dragon Spinner) It is Thursdays
and Sundays, I beg forgiveness for my
very usual tardiness, but I am in
collage, and doing this comic at all
is very ill advised in my position,
but I still do it for you my cookies ,
and for the cast.


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