Comic 204 – Distracted


Baker Notes

Hellows my cookies!

By the way, that smoke, They
are ashes from the explosion,
puffing off cause of the sudden
movements, a little side detail
to remove that annoying detail on
our “lovable” Nelly.

Also, I’m sorry about the whole
“why Nelly’s machine exploded”, it
was a very off question since I
didn’t portray the reason very
well… I apologize.

Also, this time it’s not really a
question but a shout out to all the
silent readers who don’t comment.
Can I get a hi from you please? 🙂
I don’t bite… often.

Also, a shout out to (that I know)
cookies that comment often:

Deadmen008, JadeSpeirs,
Tri, Builder Jim, Rpg Nerd
Cliff, Ookami, Draco, R Reyes,
RSprinter, Abayx, the meister
and Aeon.

You are awesome and I love
reading what you have to say!

I always look forward to
reading the comments, they
are kinda like my reward for
the doing the comic, (also
watching my “children” grow)


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