Comic 210 – What do you think?


Baker Notes

Hellows my cookies!

Yep, sticking to the new schedule, just
wait until I change the sign on the top of
the page.

Also, I was quite interested in the whole
“naming the bunnies” thing that popped up
on the previews comment section.

So, I ask the following, With these
Bunnies, What names would you give them?

-Light yellow/female

-Light brown/male

Light brown/female


-Brown Grumpy/male

-Black Happy/male

-Grey /male







-Fluffy Brown/ Male

-Stylish Pink/female

REMEMBER, each cookie can only name 2
Bunnies, so choose wisely, for the Bunnies
you name will appear again, and if named,
will have the corresponded name given
by the cookie, but I ask nicely, give
them PROPER names, not silly stuff

Also, if you want to propose new
Bunnie designs and names, send them
to my mail:


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