Comic 217 – Shakespawr


Baker Notes

Hellows my cookies!

Yup, I fixed the date sign on the top,
so now things shouldn’t be more confusing,
also, a thing I MUST address is the previews
strip, yeah, I know Pituka kinda burst
REALLY quickly back there, but this strip
should ease the reaction a bit by giving
background to what she’s thinking. Also you
see, before writing that strip, my gf
showed me an old series of Romeo and Juliet
but in anime, I really doubted it, but alas
I ended up crying like a baby at the end
of the series and more hormone filled than
a teenage girl that got dumped… I know
the description is harsh, but it was pretty
close, so, I was hungry to rely emotion…
hey, after all, my characters in a way are
reflections of my persona.

So, answer me this, based on the
personalities of the characters and how
their relationships are, who is the one
talking on the last panel and who is the
one Pituka went to get?

PS: The two other guys from the Poke collab
are both fellow animators who also want to
start their own comics, sadly, they have
trouble getting started, Chelo, the one
who made the guy, is the guy I mentioned
before for whom I made that filler with
the two character ideas. and the other
Kata, who’s trying to make a comic about
a gay mutant cop… solid…?


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