Comic 221 – Two pervs and a Banjo


Baker Notes

Hellows my cookies!

Yeah, a few hours late, but my GF wanted
dinner, so I had to drive her to Narnia
to make her happy, which I always do my
best to do, I’m kinda of one of those
guys that in a relationship only tries
to please the other… I’m kinda diminish
myself in front of women…don’t know why.

Also, answer me this, what do you think
of the expressions style of the comic as it
is currently (since I kinda try new things
now and then) and also… why no Luna loving
cookies? 🙁

PS: NOW you can propose the next filler,
and I promise to commit to it, I just ask
that if you’re a late commenter, try to
join in on current suggestions, so that
we do get a majority option to choose from.


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