Comic 245 – My thoughts


Baker Notes

Hellows my cookies!

Ya know, since this new animating professor
came to my college, my updating schedule is
in shambles, I really need to organize my
schedule better, for I was about to simply
put up another filler, when SUDDENLY, a
young soul, by the alias miku kojitsu came
hungry for more FFC, and was disappointed
to see an Otter in scuba gear… So, to
answer her or his pleas, HERE, it took sweat and
coffee to do this, but here is today’s STRIP!

Also, in other news, our lovely cookie
Animelvr12, made something AMAZING! if you
wanna know, link is here, take a look and be
in awe!

So, answer me this, if one of the main six
could be your best bud (no matter gender)
Who would it be and why?


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