Comic 249 – That Fro


Baker Notes

Hellows my cookies!

Well, I gotta say sumthin, a confession, I
wanted to place a filler here, promoting the
new donation button I made down below the
page. But then I thought, What is wrong
with me? deny my cookies a promised strip
just to promote donations? That is wrong,
doing that is almost as wrong as placing
long adds on youtube with no skip button!
So I backed out and made the strip, and I
bet you’re not paying any attention to
what is being said here and are mesmerized
by Pitukas glorious fro, aren’t ya?

Donate if you wish and help this
web comic grow 🙂

So, answer me this, Have you ever had a
bad hair day?

Ps: updates for now are on Mondays and


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