Comic 035 – Going Down?


Baker Notes

Ok everybody, things are gonna get bad. Yeah sorry, but hte thing is that I’m gonna be back to Chile real soon YAYZ to be back with ma family, BU HOO I’m leavin NZ :(. And Probably I’m gonna be doin a few side stops in Australia while I’m at it. The problem is that I cant travel With a scanner everywhere so updates will be paused for a few weeks! I know it sound terrifying. But I swear you this! I will not falter at this! I’LL BE BACK, WITH MORE FURRY ACTION THAN EVER!… or pretty much the same good Pucho XD. So bottom point, I’m goin Hiatus for a few weeks, but I promise on my honour I’ll be back with more Pobre Pucho! 🙂


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