Comic 612 – Reunion Demands


Baker Notes

Hi my cookies!

Yeah… I would like to apologize for this, I meant to let you all know earlier, my vacation had to come earlier than anticipated, I am traveling back home for two weeks after more than a year in the USA and only now all my family can be at the same place at once. Although, this vacation is LONG overdue, for around 4 years I have jumped from one job to the next and now I can get one. I hope you can understand. I will be back on the 21th of January and that tired Baker will be gone.

I promise to come back stronger than ever!

So, while you wait, please make yourself at home at the FFC Community Discord, where other cookies like you will be waiting as well. Just click on our friendly Hyena at the bottom of the website to be directed there!

So, answer me this, while we wait, why don’t you mention which are your favorite moments in the series and why?

Thank you for understanding and much love until I return!


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