Comic 619 – Cheetah Growth


Baker Notes

Hi my cookies!

This is a VERY weird feeling, I am actually happy to see Nelly back to harming Hos…
Either way, if this feels weird to you, keep in mind, in Nelly’s story, she has had a big
revelation in what her parents actually died for, learned to appreciate hugs in times of distress
and even learned to give them when others need one when THEY are in distress. Nelly has had some
wholesome character growth. Also, Pucho as always so pure, so much that he is the only one who would get
a hug from Nelly and not doubt it for a second <3.

PS, if these extras look familiar, thank you for keeping me company during this week’s stream 😉

SO, answer me this, Do you think Pucho rocks that mustache or no?


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