Comic 701 – Magic Fades


Baker Notes

Hi my cookies.

I have been looking at these notes for 2 hours now. There is so much I would like to say, many things I would want to know if its fair or right.
In the end, for some reason, I simply have this unexplainable feeling that… if done otherwise, I would be doing this series a disservice and
would be selfish in protecting my feelings over trusting this series and the story. For years I have had a natural feel as to where the story needs to
go due to how the feedback from readers gives me confidence that the story writes itself every time I sit down to write it. This time however…
The story brought this up and it felt like the story was testing my trust and passion for it. For the first time since writing this, I feel like
I hurt something I love because doing otherwise would be insulting it… Again… I don’t know how exactly to explain or justify it.

This page took a lot out of me, yet I know it was the correct thing to do.


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