Comic 708 – Might to Dust


Baker Notes

Hello my cookies!

Yes, I am back, Dotty is now safe and is a ESA licensed Bunny!
I want to apologize again for such a sudden hiatus, this was SO
out of nowhere and I had to fight off a ONE DAY REMOVAL NOTICE for
weeks. It took effort and investigation. Rest assured, they have OFFICIALLY
backed off and Dotty is free to stay! Your patience is greatly appreciated.
However, if you are annoyed, you have all the right to be. This could of been
handled much more smoothly, I just panicked and placed all on hold. Not
professional and you certainly deserve better.

So, here I bring ya… BLUE! This page was SO phosphorescent on my giant tablet
that my home looked like a Freezer. Poor Dotty was SO confused.

So, answer me this, How do you think wizards pass away?


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