Comic 723 – Asking respectfully


Baker Notes

Hi my cookies!

This page kinda special, had so much fun making those 3 panels at the end. I end up carried away with pages once I get a fun idea for its design.
As for the crime joke, it only donned on me just how many crimes Pucho has committed, he has engaged in so many crimes, he didn’t need to destroy public property to get himself caged. Oh, to save ya’ll the trouble, “pololos” is a Chilean slang for “people who are dating”. I thought it cute to add, specifically because Chilean slang words are a thing with Pucho and Luna. But mainly because “pololo” is the name of a bug we called the word after and I thought it too cute to miss applying it to my favorite bug nerd.

So, answer me this, If you were to give the characters nicknames, What would those be?


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