Comic 750 – Clueless she


Baker Notes

Hi my cookies!

Please excuse he lack of page last week. Like I mentioned on Twitter and Discord group I’ve been going through some rough times. Had the time to make this page and I hope you enjoy it despite how sad a page it is. Poor Dark pupper, she is so used to having direction from a higher power that thinking for her own desires does not come naturally. For her, being asked what SHE wants is not something that happens to her, she grew up being told what she wants. Now that she is offered help to make a choice, she finds herself truly lost.

I hope the wait was alright, please consider going to the bottom of the page to the donate Pituka button, any support would be hugely appreciated.

So, answer me this, If you could, What would you do to help Astrid feel a little better (besides advise)?


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