Comic 080 – ungrateful


Baker Notes

You know, I didn’t enjoy making this strip one bit, I used my old black pen by accident so the quality died with it…
but oh wells, don’t take this as a-ok, I could of enjoyed this strip more than the one before, why? cause I got to have a funny ending X3
AND this old guy is more than an old fleabag,
he is the key to something greater! the key to the awesomeness of the future plot to come, the adventure to overcome, the drama yet to go, the fun yet to see! My only regret is that I cant upload faster…
:3 but this comic is about you guys, you keep it alive, and I promise that as long as I have passion in me. I shall continue my duty to keep PP alive. I promise this, and I hope you can enjoy this as much as I
if this is your first time reading I am proud to say this: Welcome and make yourself comfortable, cause this is PP and its here to make you forget your pains as you enjoy a little laugh!
This Tomas Del Rio, at your service


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