Comic 834 – Not funny


Baker Notes

Hello my cookies!

If you think about it, yeah. Despite how goofy Hos is, Astrid has not laughed or found amusement in anything he has done. Sure, she doesn’t find ANYTHING funny, yet, the sentiment is still there. From the get go, Astrid has treated him with the outmost respect, finding great admiration for his taste in fashion and integrity (to the point of delusion at times I’ll admit). Astrid might be bound to some VERY cruel habits brought from her upbringing, however, her sense of value lands true on someone who could really need it. Nothing against the others and how they’re supportive methods are, but sometimes, being respected and not corrected can do more.

So, answer me this, What would you consider to be Astrid’s best or worse traits?


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If only she could do still do things because “dreamies never doubt themselves” XD