Comic 129 – Just add a terror theme song


Baker Notes

I´m SO sorry Gals and Lads!
Sorry, in case you havent noticed BT…
but I didnt upload last Friday, but
I had my selfish reasons, :C shame on me.
You see, in my first weekend in my new
Collague there was a PARTY! and me…
as … spontanious as I am… had a little
too much “PARTY HARDY”. So I spent all
last Friday night without work and
spent all Sathurday recovering XD
SO I AM SO SORRY! if there is sumthin
I could do to repay you for this
disapointment PLEASE say so in the
comment section below :3

And again, I´m SO sorry :S

PS: because of my crash Friday, the new
Layout and title will have to be on
hold until next Sunday I guess :S


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