Comic 212 – A boulder


Baker Notes

Hellows my cookies!

Yup, I put this one out a day earlier
to compensate for the previous filer,
also for the fact that I had a blast drawing
this strip, I suppose I kinda missed drawing
Pituka… one of the ones I enjoy the most to
draw, for she’s the one with most design
development… so I’m kinda proud of her
current design.

Also, this character of whom I’ve been
designing for quite a while… with the
the help of my beloved Mad Hatter.

So, answer me this, predictions, thoughts,
expectations after this strip?

Edit: my colleague Konnichiwa demanded
credit for her 2 cents on the new char…
so here it is X3
as did:
-and others…
-It was kinda like
a class project to make XD


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