Comic 213 – Klaus


Baker Notes

Hellows and yeah…. I’m late… sorry

Yeah, this one is late cause Klaus is too
manly to be drawn quickly, and his abs need
to be polished. But bad jokes aside I
had great fun with this strip, Pituka’s
running at the end just cracks me up.

Also, here’s a thing, this week is gonna
be harsh with work this week… so fillers
are a warning… but not bad ones.
Also, my webpage guy kinda quit on me cause
he got fed up with not knowing how to do
a webcomic page… So, I’m hiring… any
ideas of who could help me? I’m willing
to pay the donation money to make it happen.
It’s kinda 200 dollars… So anybody can
work with that pay?

So, answer me this, How many want to see
more Klaus or just keep with the story?


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