Comic 262 – The science division


Baker Notes

Hellows my cookies!

Yeah… a bit late but YEAH! I managed to
sneak a strip here! I hope you like it. I
was really into what it showed, for you see,
amongst Lycans, certain races have certain
features above other ones, like cats being
more silent or bears being stronger, etc…
Like here, foxes are more cunning, so
most of them take jobs in more intellectual
professions, like science for example.
Of course this in not a “certain” thing, for
in any type of family tree, we see black
sheeps anytime, like Nelly, who for being a
Cheetah, has no interest in speed sports.

So, answer me this, If you could be a race
of Lycan, which one would you be based on
your more outstanding abilities?


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