Comic 548 – Naughty Bunny


Baker Notes

Hi my cookies!

Oof, just when it had such momentum. But try to place yourself in Pitukas paws, she had to jump into action from the moment she woke, ride a giant bug into battle, insult one of her best friends, attack a dreamie, see her dad that she thought was dead, infiltrate a human filled fortress, reveal her biggest secret, have a ton of people stare at her greatest secret, have her love interest attacked/poisoned, have another best friend kidnapped, have love interest kidnapped too, use the worst in herself as a weapon, freak out over repressed memories, share your biggest secret to your crush, confess to your crush, make out with your crush in a very romantically charged way… almost wrestling and then lie on a bed. Result? K.O!

So, answer me this, what do expect will come of these two now?


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