Comic 838 – Serious Cute Spot


Baker Notes

Hello my cookies!

Hoo boy, seems these two have a curse upon them where they can’t have their alone time not interrupted. Who could it be that would drop in on them un announced? Who would be so rude? ALSO, around a decade it has been since I introduced the concept of cute spots and it has finally come to the forefront.
It is a VERY intimate thing to share for Lycans, kinda like how your pet has a specific area they LOVE getting scratched. To Lycans, its mainly reserved for VERY close loved ones. Being walked in on like this is a VERY rude thing.

So, answer me this, Who do you think this is and what are your predictions on it?


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And this is why you always lock your doors and windows XD


the only person i can think of whould be her dad returnig with the cheeta ( i forgot her name 🙁 )