Comic 142 – Run from the rabbits, not after them


Baker Notes

Hellows my cookies!,
Yes, a proper update on the new schedule,
this could work. Also this time, since I
dont have many issues right now, I´m going
to nag about THE SERIES this time XD.

-Nelly can beat on for HOURS, her job is
to hammer on engines ALL the time

-Pucho is NOT a fighter, he might be talented
as an artist, but in punching… not that

-Pituka might be a softy at heart, but she
does have a giant kick as hammer (Nelly
made by way) so her softness can be fixed

-Pervy got BASHED REAL HARD this time,
she insulted Nelly badly this time, NOT
his usual flirt.

-Huggie can come up with ideas, Huggie
I guess is 2 steps from being sentient,
if only he could talk right or read 😛

-The ninja bunnies are not very mighty
really, their power is on their NUMBERS,
I could easily say that there are more than
70 bunnies up there.

-Also, dont worry about Pervy, he is not
knocked out, he is just stunned, so he
will be up any moment now.

-Also, why the bunnies dont attack Huggie?
Huggie even with his little cute legs he
is CRAZY fast, and with his strengh ability
he can carry the supplies, Pervy and even
another dozen Lycans and keep running fast.

Okay, that was fun, Well my cookies, relax,
and see ya next Update on Saturday!


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